Pay your rent online

If your property management company uses RentTrack for online rent payments, you can:

  • Pay your rent online to save time
  • Choose your payment method and when you pay
  • Opt in to report your rent payments to all three credit bureaus at no extra cost

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Get the credit you deserve for paying rent

With RentTrack, you can finally get the credit you deserve for paying rent by adding rent to your credit score!

If your property manager invited you to report your rent with RentTrack, you can build credit with your on-time rent payments.

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Invited by your landlord or property manager? Get Started

How you'll incentivize responsible renters.


All three bureaus: If your landlord uses RentTrack, report your rent to Experian, Transunion, and Equifax to avoid credit report gaps.

Protect your credit: Receive instant alerts to stay on top of changes that affect your credit.

Identity theft insurance: Included $1M ID Theft Insurance and 100% guaranteed restoration - backed by TransUnion.


"...renters saw an increase in their score of 10 points or more after just one month."


"...RentTrack helps renters build credit..."


"RentTrack helps first-time buyers and others get monthly payments into their credit profiles."