“RentTrack is a great way for our residents to improve their credit without any risk. It’s nice to list “Positive Credit Reporting” as an amenity for our residents and future residents on our websites. We have seen an average credit score increase of 44 points across our portfolio and we appreciate that Rent Track enables us to help our residents in an unconventional yet hugely beneficial way."

- Cayla Graffis, Marketing Manager, Gingko Residential

RT_lady-desk-creditOnly 17% of property managers offer rent reporting to their residents, yet, two-thirds of renters said they would choose a property if it offered rent reporting, according to recent TransUnion surveys.

Together, RealPage and RentTrack are giving you the opportunity to offer this unique amenity and generate ancillary revenue.

As the first rent reporting company to build relationships with Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, RentTrack securely and accurately adds rental payment information as a new tradeline on renters' credit reports -- helping them get the credit they deserve for on-time rent payments.

How RentTrack works for you and your residents

Integrate with RentTrack seamlessly through RealPage OneSite (no extra work for your staff!)

Determine how to market to your residents (via RentTrack or your existing strategy or a combination)

Kick off program with RentTrack and generate ancillary income for your property

“We’re passionate about student success and RentTrack is making a big difference for our residents. Within a few months, it has enabled our residents to increase their credit scores by an average of 57 points.”

- Dan Oltersdorf, Chief Learning Officer, Campus Advantage

Why should renters report rent to the credit bureaus?

Get the credit they deserve for what is often the largest monthly expense for renters

Build credit with a rental agreement tradeline, meaning renters get credit without taking on debt

Make future financial goals a reality with an accurate and inclusive credit score

On average, scores increase
+29 points in two months and +132 points in two years!


Generate additional revenue

When you opt to enable rent reporting for your properties, you will begin receiving shared revenue payments as soon as residents sign up.





Rent Reporting: Myth vs. Fact

How is rental data reported to the credit bureaus? Does everyone benefit from rent reporting? Get your answers to these questions and more in our FREE eBook, Rent Reporting: Myth vs. Fact. 





Give residents a reason to pay on time

7 in 10 residents said they are more likely to pay their rent on time if their property managers reported rent payments to the credit bureaus. With RentTrack Rent Reporting, give residents a reason to pay on time -- helping to prevent late payments and delinquencies.